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If you are not satisfied with the software you have bought from Availcheck, please contact us straight away. We will make every effort to sort out any problems that you have. You are advised to read all details of our products on our website and make all enquiries to us about using the software BEFORE making a purchase. We try very hard to maintain and update our products and services to give users the best service possible. If you have a problem with your calendar or software, please contact us straight away and we will work towards a fix as soon as possible, often within minutes.


Refunds are made at the discretion of the management. If you are unable to use the software or have problems which mean that the software is unusable to you we will make a full refund. Availcheck will not normally refund purchases of products or services which are working as required.

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We value your opinions of our website and would be glad to receive feedback from you whenever possible. Please e-mail us here

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We have a strict policy of investigating all attempts at ordering from our website by Unauthorised persons using stolen credit card numbers. All suspicious orders will be investigated and if necessary the information will be passed to the relevant government agencies in both this country and the countries involved. We reserve the right to double check all orders and restrict shipping as and when we choose.

Availcheck reserves the right to refuse to sell our products or services to any Company or Individual that we feel are perhaps not likely to use the product for which it was designed