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Code Creation Tool

Click the tabs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 below to choose the options you want to integrate your calendar with your site. The HTML code will be auto generated in the green box below. Copy this code to the HTML of the web page where you want the calendar to show.

Click the sections below to select the options


Once you have created the code as you want it, copy the HTML from the green box below into the HTML for your webpage where you want the calendar or link or button to appear.

1. General details

2. Which calendar type

Choose which Availcheck calendar you are working with. Remember, you will need a propid and/or member_id to be filled in in the section above to create the correct code

3. Popup/Insert type

Choose the way you want to display your calendar link on your website.

4. Language

Note: not all Availcheck calendars have different language settings

Your code should appear in the green box below

Created Code

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Test your code below

The area below will display either the link, button or <iframe> depending on what you have chosen to the left. The Links and buttons have been styled by us. Your buttons and links will have their own styles on your site.